We believe that great things come with time and that the success of the JEFE TOKEN will require adequate planning and long-term commitment from the team, so we have planned with long-term success in mind, and it reflects in our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS.

Our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS are one of a kind, designed with a long-term vision. We will be starting with Jefe TOKEN as our native/governance token for gaming and rewards as well.

We have a dynamic tax , where the tax can be changed adjusted at will of the community, the JEFE VAULT is the main one that's used at will of the team for operation , marketing and development of technology web3. JEFE VAULT FTM address: 0x4b564515ee500c313b648937d2751f61f5762e98


TAX 16% On JEFE FTM V2 [Temporary] it is used for marketing & operations/partnerships.

Slippage above 20 for big buys, max buy 3T , stake/unstake 3T JEFES as max.

DE-F FantomI Hub -> - Exchange to buy/sell JEFE TOKEN using the following contracts

JEFE FTM V2 : 0x5b2AF7fd27E2Ea14945c82Dd254c79d3eD34685e








The normal Economics of the token are the following:

Tax Structure

Jefe Token implements a tax on drastic times while it provides support to development & marketings.

Transparent NFT Transactions:

Jefe Token is committed to transparency in all NFT purchases, sales, and intramarket trading on platforms like Paintswap. These transactions will be publicly visible, allowing the community to track and verify the integrity of the ecosystem. JEFE <3 the art, while its supporting artist worldwide

Purchase of Other NFTs:

For the acquisition of non-LP NFTs, Jefe Token follows a similar distribution model. Specifically, 20% of the purchase amount goes directly to the artists as a fair compensation. Additionally, 25% of the funds are utilized to purchase Jefe Token, which will be subsequently burned, reducing the token supply. The remaining percentage is allocated to backup liquidity, developer rewards, marketing, and infrastructure wallets. These wallets are transparently named on the FTM side, ensuring accountability and responsible fund allocation.

JEFE TOKEN's strategic approach to liquidity involves leveraging both Layer 2 of the Optimism blockchain and Layer 1 on the Ethereum Mainnet, each offering unique advantages.

Why JEFE TOKEN on Layer 2 of Optimism Blockchain:

  1. Scalability: Optimism's Layer 2 solution provides a scalable environment, catering to a growing user base with increased transaction throughput while maintaining efficiency.

  2. Cost-Efficiency: JEFE TOKEN can significantly reduce transaction costs by utilizing Optimism's Layer 2, making it more economical for users to engage in transactions and participate in the JEFE TOKEN ecosystem.

  3. Transaction Speed: With faster transaction confirmation times on Optimism, users experience quicker and smoother interactions, enhancing the overall user experience for trades and activities involving JEFE TOKEN.

  4. Ecosystem Integration: Optimism's growing adoption in the DeFi space ensures seamless integration with other DApps and platforms, creating a more interconnected and accessible ecosystem for JEFE TOKEN users.

Why JEFE TOKEN on Layer 1 on Ethereum Mainnet:

  1. Decentralization and Security: Ethereum Mainnet, as the cornerstone of decentralized finance, provides a high level of decentralization and security. Having liquidity on Layer 1 ensures the utmost security for JEFE TOKEN transactions and smart contracts.

  2. Interoperability: JEFE TOKEN on Layer 1 can seamlessly interact with a myriad of existing DeFi protocols, leveraging Ethereum's widespread adoption and enhancing interoperability within the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

  3. Wider User Base: By being present on Ethereum Mainnet, JEFE TOKEN gains exposure to a large and established user base, tapping into the diverse community of crypto enthusiasts and DeFi users. This broader reach contributes to increased liquidity and trading activity.

  4. Smart Contract Functionality: Ethereum's Layer 1 supports the full functionality of smart contracts, enabling JEFE TOKEN to implement sophisticated features directly on the Ethereum Mainnet. This flexibility is crucial for the development and execution of advanced DeFi strategies.

Incorporating both Layer 2 and Layer 1 liquidity solutions allows JEFE TOKEN to harness the benefits of scalability, cost-efficiency, security, and interoperability, providing a well-rounded and adaptable approach to meet the needs of its diverse user base.

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