Frequently Asked Questions?

What is JEFE?

We are a Play 2 Earn (P2E) Gaming platform token built on FANTOM NETWORK ( ) and can be purchased on SpookySwap using the contract: 0x5b2AF7fd27E2Ea14945c82Dd254c79d3eD34685e .

We believe in being entirely decentralized, educating our community on the benefits of cryptocurrency, and supporting our Heros and Heroines in uniform. We are KYC as a legal software company based in Latin America [Mexico].

Who are Heros and Heroines?

These are the “First responders” who put their lives on the line every day to help keep us safe. That goes for everyone, such as Firefighters, Law Enforcement, National Guard, the Military, Nurses and Doctors, and any other heroes who do good deeds for humankind.

How do you plan on Supporting these heroes?

A few solutions that we have come up with so far are to offer our play2earn games for them to compete and earn money in many areas from entertainment to sports—contributing to charitable causes by donating supplies and materials that they need to continue saving lives and keeping everyone safe—holding various charity events to recognize them for the vast contributions that they give and incorporating staking with smart contracts and other web3 developments.

Whats the JEFE VAULT Address? :

• 0x4b564515ee500c313b648937d2751f61f5762e98 - JEFE VAULT

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