JEFE TOKEN is a Gaming Platform on the Cryptocurrency world, we utilize the art of NFTs with unique utility in Play 2 Earn games and METAVERSE using virtual reality , mixed reality and immersive technologies applied to gaming and entertainment. JEFE Community are the holders who have a stake in the token & they are represented in the games as JEFE NFT Avatars.

We work on the integration of NFTs & the so called - Metaverse, JEFE TOKEN is pioneer in Latin America as the first blockchain Token applied to gaming & virtual reality.

JEFE TOKEN Support and Influence our Heroes and Heroines in Uniform with 2 past donations , Africa & Venezuela. These are the First Responders in the front lines they keep our people in this world safe with honor & values, we push crypto technology in a way we can contribute to make this world a better place for everyone. The community is giving to charitable causes and sharing their message with everyone, a statement of unity and love for all humanity learning and teaching everyday about criptocurrencies.

JEFE TOKEN develops NFT's and videogames for iOS , Android, Windows and Virtual Reality.

JEFE TOKEN is the first FANTOM project to bring Virtual Reality and NFT's to the blockchain .

JEFE TOKEN is making a special NFT for all holders, just ask for it!

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