Benefits of Holding with JEFE TOKEN

Holding our token is advantageous in cryptocurrency as it generates rewards by holding the coin in your wallet while it can be generating passive income. When an investor has our coin it is the easiest method to jump into a decentralized world in gaming and finance. Jefe TOKEN is here for you , we are built on fantom opera which is a very efficient LAYER 1 network [ Vertical Building].

We offer a few quantifiable benefits of Holding JEFE TOKEN. With a dynamic tax that help us to survive to market conditions and correct the price in the wild cryptocurrency world, which is way different than traditional markets.

Passive Income

Stakeholders earn incentives by holding and controlling their digital wealth. Passive income for the beneficiary is the reward of having with Jefe TOKEN when dynamic tax is activated for the community in other words, this tax can serve to all holders a share of all buys , sells and transactions that takes place in JEFE TOKEN.

Every Sundays rewards are distributed for holders that are playing the games and winning.


As Proof of stake, blockchains are fewer energy-consumers; they are more environmentally friendly. Thus, they have a lower carbon footprint and have little or no environmental effects.

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