$JEFE is a Play 2 Earn (P2E) Gaming platform token built in the Fantom Opera Blockchain. We believe in complete decentralization. Educating our community about the benefits of cryptocurrencies (ie. Bitcoin) and supporting our Heroes and Heroines in Uniform, also known as "First Responders," who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. That includes Firefighters, Law enforcement, the National Guard, the Military, Nurses and Doctors, and any other heroes who do good actions for humanity.
JEFE has been created by a group of Developers with vast experience in cryptocurrency and working in Fantom Network. We are joining forces together and giving the solution to token holders and our consumers, who are players of our games, which are affected by these difficult times. These solutions involve our play-2-earn video games and NFTs.
We are driving to be a DAO token that is built on the community. Where token holders in the community have the opportunity to vote and help shape the project's future course. We also believe in having a secure location to invest and giving individuals the opportunity to have fair play in Jefe, which is represented in our Jefenomics. JEFE TOKEN is fully dox as a brand in Mexico and the core team.
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