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Liquidity Pool

Jefetoken recognizes the importance of liquidity in ensuring a robust DeFi ecosystem. To strengthen liquidity pools, Jefetoken plans to raise liquidity to 100 trillion - 150 trillion tokens. This increase will deepen liquidity, reduce slippage, and enhance the overall trading experience for Jefetoken holders.
Liquidity being a vital part of the tax function, this allows a pool of money available to call upon if/when a community member needs to make a trade. It provides speed of transaction too!
Also known as static rewards, the reflections prevent price collapses caused by liquidity provider (LP) farming prizes.
We provide an exclusive NFT for our liquidity aggregators while they earn rewards from the transactions and directly from the JEFE VAULT every Sunday*.
Token Burns:
Token burns play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy token economy and driving value appreciation. Jefetoken aims to execute token burns, increasing the supply reduction from the current 123 trillion to 200 trillion .