JEFE Smart Contract Audit

You can find a copy of the audit report, with more details on Solidity Finance's website here.
  • The total supply of the token is set to 1 quadrillion $JEFE [1,000,000,000,000,000].
  • No minting or burn functions are present, though the owner can reduce the circulating supply by sending tokens to the 0x..dead address.
  • 3% of the total $JEFE token supply belongs to the JEFE VAULT for Play 2 Earn rewards, Airdrop campaigns, and to fund future exchange listings.
  • There is a tax, liquidity, and vault fee on all transactions address participating in a transfer.
  • When users hold the tokens, they will automatically benefit from the frictionless fee redistribution at the time of each transaction .
  • There is a liquidity fee charged on transactions in the contract and, once a threshold value is reached, the funds are used to fund Spooky.FI (Swap liquidity).
  • Liquidity-adds are funded by selling a portion of the tokens collected as fees (after the owner's threshold is determined), then pairing the received Fantom (FTM) with the token and adding it as liquidity to the FTM pair, owners rececive LP TOKENS and earn from the trading fees .
  • Jefe Vault TRX have no tax for either senders or the vault itself.
  • Any newly JEFE HOLDER can obtain LP tokens from the Liquidity Pools we are listed [DEXS].
  • The tokens collected from the vault fee are sent directly to the team's vault wallet which are used for operations, development & marketing.
  • As the project is deployed with Solidity v0.8.x it is protected from overflows.