Jefe TOKEN is endeavoring to be a top-notch Gaming Platform where we help to bring mass adoption of Cryptocurrency to the world, as we utilize our art NFTs with special utility in our Play 2 Earn games. The plan is to call this Jefe Ecosystem our JEFEVERSE. This JEFEVERSE will be our Metaverse Gaming Platform/app we will have all things encompassing Jefe TOKEN.
We also believe in providing Support and Influence to our Heroes and Heroines in Uniform. These are the First Responders and people working on the Front lines to keep people safe and honor our values. We plan to do so by giving to charitable causes and sharing our message with everyone, which is a message of unity and love for all mankind.
We are driving to be Community-based DAO token. Where the community holders who have a stake in the token have a chance to vote and help determine the future direction of the project. We also believe in having a safe place to invest and giving people the chance to have fair play, with a safe place to invest in Jefe, and that is reflected in our Jefenomics.
Our mission is to:
  • To enable retailers to accept digital assets for goods and services
  • To make Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible by the masses, even if the majority don’t know how it works. This also includes providing educational materials on the benefits and a breakdown of Cryptocurrency.
  • To ensure users own personal data, which will significantly reduce the current data leaks via centralized financial systems
  • Operate as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset, fully decentralized in every sense of the word.
  • To create an ecosystem where different solutions can emerge from a social perspective, including collaborative applications.
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