Our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS are one of a kind, designed with a long-term vision. We will be starting with Jefe TOKEN as our native/governance token. With the plan to introduce another token to be used with our gaming platform in the future.
We believe that great things come with time and that the success of the Jefe Project will require adequate planning and long-term commitment from the team, so we have planned with long-term success in mind, and it reflects in our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS.
We have a dynamic tax , where the tax can be changed adjusted at will of the community, the JEFE VAULT is the main one that's used at will of the team for operation , marketing and development of technology web3. JEFE VAULT FTM address: 0x4b564515ee500c313b648937d2751f61f5762e98
Slippage 15% - Spooky.Fi - Exchange to buy/sell JEFE TOKEN.
The normal Economics of the token are the following:
  • 1 Quadrillion Jefe Total circulation Supply
  • 300 Trillion distributed to Rewards and Jefe VAULT (Team operations and donation wallet)
  • 0% Distributed to holders
  • 1% Distributed to liquidity Providers LP. Rewards are distributed from JEFE VAULT, to all finalist of the week on the ecosystem.