We believe that great things come with time and that the success of the JEFE TOKEN will require adequate planning and long-term commitment from the team, so we have planned with long-term success in mind, and it reflects in our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS.
Our JEFE TOKEN ECONOMICS are one of a kind, designed with a long-term vision. We will be starting with Jefe TOKEN as our native/governance token for gaming and rewards as well.
We have a dynamic tax , where the tax can be changed adjusted at will of the community, the JEFE VAULT is the main one that's used at will of the team for operation , marketing and development of technology web3. JEFE VAULT FTM address: 0x4b564515ee500c313b648937d2751f61f5762e98
Slippage up to 30% since we are a low marketcap token yet, price impact can be high - - Exchange to buy/sell JEFE TOKEN using the following contract: 0x5b2AF7fd27E2Ea14945c82Dd254c79d3eD34685e
The normal Economics of the token are the following:
  • 1 Quadrillion Jefe Total circulation Supply
  • 300 Trillion distributed to Rewards and Jefe VAULT (Team operations and donation wallet). Rewards are distributed from JEFE VAULT, to all finalist of the games every week.